229: Make 2018 the year you TELL more and better!

Greetings and Happy New Year!

There is something magic, added excitement, about the start of a new year. Many people take the time to reflect on the past and resolve to progress as they venture into a new year. Did you make any resolutions to improve your gifts and talents? To address a noted limitation? To explore, discover, or learn something new in 2018?

I’ve started my list, how about you? Awareness is step one, then starts the journey… day-by-day.

Every day there are opportunities to think about the messages we TELL yourselves and others. The question is are we aware of the messages being spoken, heard, and seen around us? Do we notice whether the messages are positively or negatively impacting what we resolve to do today, in this year, and in our life?

In the course of a day, we observe and others observe us. We interact with others and others interact with us. Throughout the day, we are also speaking messages to ourselves. There are ample opportunities to pause and consider the messages influencing and impacting our interactions and life. The question is are you noticing? Are you considering whether your daily interactions are allowing you to progress, or digress? Are you considering whether the messages you give and receive result in building up more often than tearing down?

It will have to be your choice to pause and give the messages you are giving and receiving some thought. It will have to be your choice to become more aware of your intentions and directions. Will you give the time and space to consider ‘How might I Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love more and better in this moment, in 2018, in my life?’

How might you Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love more and better so you attain your resolution?

Here’s to a happy New Year! I look forward to venturing with you through 2018. One of the resolutions I have for Tell Our Children is to have more gatherings that inspire and mentor adults to TELthe younger people in their life more and better. (I’ll tell you more about that next week.)

Until next week….may we all Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love more and better every day! #TELLforGood



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