016: If we could peek into a child’s journal…

Do you ever remember feeling misunderstood by the grown-ups around you? Could the following words be ones you may have journaled one time or another when you were younger?

“I am sitting here, wanting to just lie down because it feels like the grown-ups around me see only what I am doing wrong, it’s like that’s the only thing they pay attention to. My parents, my teachers smile at me and say ‘hi,’ ‘good morning,’ and it’s just good if it stays at that. I try to ignore them so they can’t find things to complain to me about, but then I get blamed for ignoring them. Whatever … I try to do what I can, and I’m told that’s not good enough. How come they see all these mistakes? Why can’t they see when I try?

“They just asked me, ‘Why can’t we get along?’ I want to ask them the same question.

“I also want to ask them, ‘Why can’t you look at me and remember when you were younger, did you know everything you know now?’ Didn’t they have to learn as they go? Weren’t they allowed to make mistakes along the way? Am I supposed to believe they have always done everything perfectly?

“I am not making all these mistakes on purpose; I do want to learn, but most of the time I feel like I’m just being told what to do, what to think. … That’s not learning, that’s just obeying.

“Their constant criticisms make me not want to contribute or engage. I wish it were different because I want to contribute. I have dreams of doing great things some day. I know I need to learn some things first. I hope I meet people who can give me some direction, people who will help me learn, not just expect me to obey.

“I mean, aren’t adults supposed to be here to help us out? So much of this makes no sense to me. I’m just a kid.

“I think I have some really good ideas, but no one around me even knows these things about me. They only see my errors and wish to fix them. They are very good at pointing out my errors and threatening me until I do it their way.

“They say it’s for my own good. The way I see it, it’s for their good not mine! I just don’t get it.

“I don’t want to give up. I want to do a lot of great things. I wish I had more people there for me, not against me. I wish I had someone who sees the good things about me, not just my mistakes.”

If you remember feeling this way as a child, don’t you think there could be a child in your life right now who might be feeling this way? What are you going to do about it?

Are you teaching? Are you encouraging? Are you listening? Are you loving?

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