075: T.E.L.L. our children in homes, schools, and communities!

Hello, Show & T.E.L.L. subscribers! Some of you have been wondering what’s going on! We haven’t posted for a while. We wanted to send out a post to let you know the blog is still active. We are transitioning to share stories about how people, like you, are T.E.L.L.ing the children in your lives. We want to share how adults are Teaching, Encouraging, Listening, and Loving children in homes, schools, and their communities.

For example, the other day a mom shared, “I think more about what my child is hearing, I wonder what thoughts I am causing her to think about by what I say. …  I believe that helps make our conversation more T.E.L.L.ing, don’t you?”

It sure does! Thinking about what the child is hearing allows her to become more sensitive about what and how she Teaches, Encourages, Listens, and Loves her child! She can interact more intentionally.

Do you have a story to share? Please send it to us. We will keep it anonymous if you like. The story can be about a conversation, or even an afterthought question and reflection. For example, a father mentioned how he wanted to sit down and apologize to his teenage son for a conversation they had earlier. He wanted to T.E.L.L. his son how he wished he would have handled it differently. He wanted a do-over!

I hope he lets us know how that conversation turns out! It’s another great example about how an interaction Teaches, Encourages, Listens, and Loves the child, for better or worse. This father wanted to turn a bad conversation into a good one, which will T.E.L.L. his son about forgiving and allowing do-overs.

We look forward to sharing stories in 2016 about how people, like you, are T.E.L.L.ing children.  We appreciate your thoughts and questions. Your feedback helps inspire and mentor more caregivers to T.E.L.L. our children every day.

In closing, we at TELL Our Children wish you a very merry and peaceful Christmas. See you in 2016!

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