021: T.E.L.L. yourself

The T.E.L.L. message is not a this is how you do it message, it is more like a this is how you live it

When you start T.E.L.L.ing a child, it will feel like a challenge at times. You may find yourself asking questions such as “What do I say? What do I do?”

One way to get better at T.E.L.L.ing a child is to practice T.E.L.L.ing yourself. The next time you face a challenge, give time to T.E.L.L. yourself. Ask questions such as the following:

What must I learn here? What must I be taught so I know better? Where are my thoughts incomplete, more naïve in this situation? Where can I get better information? What resources do I have/need?

Make a decision about one idea you can learn to improve your situation.

Where is my encouragement? Is there a person I can talk with and get encouragement in this area? Is there a place I can go to pause and be inspired? What one thing can I do right now that will encourage me to keep learning, improving this situation?

Do something that will leave you feeling encouraged to improve the situation.

Whose thoughts will I listen to here? Do I hear myself? Are my thoughts possibly holding me back? Where can I hear good, loving, positive, productive advice? If you are unsure, step outside to hear birds, water flowing, or put on your favorite song.

Listen to something good for you, that will empower you to be better.

Give the moment love — patience, hope, kindness, joy, the belief in yourself and others — to do better.

Remind yourself that love never fails.

Make it a T.E.L.L.ing moment for yourself. Isn’t that living life? Living and learning?

When you T.E.L.L yourself, you are more likely to T.E.L.L a child, too.

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020: One of our primary goals is to raise our future

Thank goodness the majority of adults agree with this statement made in the title of this blog! We make it our aim to raise our children the best we know how.

The question isn’t if it is a goal; the question is more how we are going about achieving this goal? Read any book on goal-setting and it is loud and clear that achieving a goal requires conscious decision and effort. It is not enough to just hope we achieve the goal. We are to keep the most important goals constantly in front of us, and make it our highest priority day in and day out. If we don’t stay focused and work on the goal, we may achieve something less or not achieve the goal at all.

So when it comes to raising our children, do we really have a plan for achieving this goal, or is it like one of those resolutions we state and may – or may not – achieve? If goal success requires conscious decision and effort, what might that look like when it comes to raising our children?

One idea is to consciously decide to find something to T.E.L.L. your child every day. Consciously try and teach, encourage, listen, and love them. Place a reminder on your phone, on your refrigerator, on your laptop, on your bathroom mirror. “I will T.E.L.L. my child today!”

Keep this most important goal right in front of you. Make it a priority day in and day out! Instead of merely hoping we are raising our children, let’s make it our constant effort to T.E.L.L.them. Maybe then we can start to achieve one of our primary goals – raising our future.

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