189: T.E.L.L. and the 5 Ws (and how)

As you’ve probably heard or read us say before, the T.E.L.L. message is more than just a message, more than just a clever anagram for Teach, Encourage, Listen, and Love. T.E.L.L. is a lifestyle, a way of communicating and interacting with others.

To make T.E.L.L. more of a part of your lifestyle instead of something you remember to do every now and then, think of T.E.L.L. with the 5 Ws: who, what, when, where, why (and how).

Who should you T.E.L.L.?

EVERYONE! While the Tell Our Children nonprofit is dedicated to connecting and mentoring caregivers who desire to know more about T.E.L.L.ing youth, we believe EVERYONE needs to both be on the giving and receiving end of interactions that Teach, Encourage, Listen, and Love them.

What should you T.E.L.L.?

Give messages and tell stories that teach, encourage, listen to, and love the person you’re interacting with. Teach them a better way, or more about yourself and your perspective. Encourage them to be better or make better decisions. Listen to their messages and their stories. Above all, love them no matter what.

When should you T.E.L.L.?

During EVERY interaction! There is no interaction that can’t benefit from a T.E.L.L.ing perspective.

Where should you T.E.L.L.?

EVERYWHERE! The place and time is always right to Teach, Encourage, Listen, and Love another person.

Why should you T.E.L.L.?

From an infant’s first breath, a child begins collecting life experiences. The youth come to know about living their life largely by watching and interacting with adults. Every interaction can have an impact on a person’s current and future thoughts and feelings. When adults are more aware of how they Teach, Encourage, Listen, and Love a younger person, they will become better at helping the youth in their lives develop into strong, healthy, and resilient adults.

How should you T.E.L.L.?

With patience, both with yourself and with others, especially youth. Like most things, T.E.L.L.ing takes practice. Practice having interactions that teach, encourage, listen to, and love others. The more you make a point to T.E.L.L., the more it becomes part of how you interact on a daily basis.

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