149: What image of yourself do you TELL?

We T.E.L.L. our image. Everything you do, everything you say becomes a part of the image you establish. People see and hear you, then they connect that behavior to you. That is how they imagine you.

There is an exercise where an individual is asked to write their own eulogy. The person is to think about what they would like spoken about them at their funeral. Then the follow-up is doing those things – having those interactions so others see you acting this way. The people see you, then think and decide this about you.

The eulogy exercise emphasizes how you T.E.L.L. your image to others. How you walk and talk becomes your image. The question then is what are you teaching about yourself? What are you encouraging? Listening? Loving? The answer to these questions establish your image. You impact what others think about you based on your interactions with them, or lack of interactions with them.

What do you want people thinking and saying about you? What do you want spoken at your eulogy? Live the image you desire … T.E.L.L. your image.


Please note the Show & T.E.L.L. posts are not written to portray guilt or reward to any caregiver. The posts are intended to share a message about interacting intentionally with young people. Tell Our Children is all about uniting, mentoring, and inspiring caregivers to improve communications with the youth. Every post is intended to empower readers to improve interactions with younger generations. Tell Our Children strives to educate caregivers on ways to better Teach, Encourage, Listen, and Love – T.E.L.L. – young people. We believe everyone can T.E.L.L. youth better.
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