Everyone, in particular a younger person, need people in life who Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love them (T.E.L.L them) When you interact with the young people in your life, how well do you Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love?

Our 501(c)(3) organization is dedicated to providing resources that empower you and others to T.E.L.L. better. Scroll down to learn more.


Fill the mind with beneficial ideas: ideas about the current situation, your relationship, and expectations about how to communicate with one another. How will you start today to think about the messages you teach as you speak?

Our Philosophy

Throughout the life journey, individuals collect life experiences that impact how they think and act. The childhood years are a critical part of this journey. Throughout childhood, the young are interacting with others and accumulating life experiences about living their lives. Every interaction has an impact on how the situation and relationship are perceived. We believe when people are empowered to Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love others – and themselves – they are more likely to develop stronger, healthier, and more resilient relationships. As more people learn to T.E.L.L., future generations will also benefit and learn to Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love.


Use words that show support, as well as develop confidence and courage. Be more than a cheerleader. How can you start today to use words and actions that encourage progress?

What We Do

The TELL our Children 501(c)(3) organization is currently serving the online community through the Show & T.E.L.L. Blog, as well as regular posts on social media. On the Grand Strand of South Carolina, we serve local schools, churches, and other organizations interested in learning more ways to T.E.L.L. the younger people in their community. (Contact us if you are in South Carolina and want to learn more about T.E.L.L.ing your youth.) Stay tuned, the board of directors has grand plans for the future.


Effective listening is two-way. It’s not only what is said; it’s what is heard that also matters. Understand someone before asking him/her to understand you; listen. Only then can you respond appropriately and beneficially. How well do you listen? Would you want to hear your words? Today start listening better to others – and yourself.

Our Mission

The TELL mission is to provide resources that empower people to Teach + Encourage + Listen + Love (T.E.L.L.) one another, especially while interacting with a younger person.


Let love be present as you interact. Let your words and actions show genuine sincerity, compassion, patience, kindness, and honesty. Imagine the best possible positive scenario for the situation and for the relationship, and then interact with this loving thought and feeling. Today is a perfect day to start thinking about how you express ‘I love you’.

Our Vision

To create a world where everyone, especially young people, have at least one person in life who T.E.L.L.s them unconditionally!